Why Did God Put Adam to Sleep?

16 thoughts on “Why Did God Put Adam to Sleep?”

    1. Dear Simone

      Thank you for your thoughts!

      Since you are relfection on Adam and Eve, I recommend you to read “The Gender Revolution”: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gender-Revolution-Emancipating-Empowering-Church/dp/1908393599 by Alan Hewitt. God overwhelmed him with the Holy Spirit – giving him an Damascus revelation on the gender topic in the Bible. He studied the Hebrew and Greek original Bible text on the subject on gender – and found the total equality in this matter. (This was revolutional for a man who used to be against female preacher, and everybody knew that).

      This is by far the best Bible teaching I have had on this matter!

      You can also listen to/download five sermons from Alan – short version of the book on:
      They are named:
      Gender Revolution 1 – In The Beginning
      Alan Hewitt – Sunday 29th May 2016 10:30am Service
      Gender Revolution 2 – A Woman’s Place in the Old Testament
      Alan Hewitt – Sunday 5th June 2016 10:30am Service
      Gender Revolution 3 – A Woman’s Place In The Life Of Jesus
      Alan Hewitt – Sunday 3rd July 2016 10:30am Service
      Gender Revolution 4 – A Woman’s Place In The New Testament
      Alan Hewitt – Sunday 10th July 2016 10:30am Service
      Gender revolution 5 – Kingdom Magna Carta
      Alan Hewitt – Sunday 17th July 2016 10:30am Service

      Love Ingunn Borren


    2. I Loved your thoughts ❤️ I’d also like to add…, Adam was made outside of the garden, Eve was formed inside the garden. I also find this “VERY” Interesting ❤️


  1. This was a wonderfully written post. God really gave you true insight, this touched my soul..my spirit!!! Continue on sister, you are amazing! God bless you ❤

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  2. I believe also that God had to put Adam to sleep because Adam couldn’t go to sleep. He hadn’t fallen yet. Sleep came after the fall of man to give rest to the flesh as it was now under a death sentence which is why we now age, get tired etc. (the spirit doesn’t sleep). Going to sleep and waking up is a “type” of death and resurrection…pointing to Christ.

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  3. Hey Simone, thank you for your insightful thoughts. This does considerable justice to my years-long search for an exposition on ‘Adam’s deep sleep’ and the need for it. In fact, I still had a discussion with a buddy about this yesterday. I will definitely share your post with him and reblog. Thank you and God bless you!!! More inspiration!!!


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