Access to (Legal) Education is an Access to Justice Issue (or “Law School Tuition is Too D*%n High”)

2 thoughts on “Access to (Legal) Education is an Access to Justice Issue (or “Law School Tuition is Too D*%n High”)”

  1. Though I agree with your point. But have to say that law schools have historically been exclusionary, this trend of hiking the tuition fees is nothing new. It’s just business as usual, sadly but true. I do agree and continue to hear people and universities use that misinformed claim that lawyers make a lot of money and hence hiking tuition fees for law is fair. I think university education in general is classist because lets face it not everyone who wants to attend can afford it…so my proposal is that it be operated as a public institution and similar needs assessment use to determine eligibility to receive certain social services be applied. So that those who are able to pay can pay the full cost or a fair portion. And those who are not able to pay but willing and determine to learn receive full funding. Its the only way to eliminate the cost barrier for higher education not only for law but for all programs. Sure there are drawbacks to making education free for those who cant afford it but it allows education to be about true merit and addresses the issue of diversity. Addition, its just playing fair and its a better way to address poverty and income disparity which is often associated with education and race. But with the economy and the way universities operate at the moment i doubt anyone will welcome making access to university affordable….as long as those who are financially well off can pay for it, it will continue to be barrier to social equality.


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