(Some of) My Favourite Non-Adventist Preachers (So Far)

5 thoughts on “(Some of) My Favourite Non-Adventist Preachers (So Far)”

  1. Hi Simone. I’ve listened to several preachers/teachers during my spiritual walk, inside and outside of my faith. And I’ve learned to pick the meat from the bone. If I had to choose a favourite, I’d say Dr. Charles Stanley. He’s calm, fatherly and direct when delivering the message.


  2. It’s interesting how people want to slim down your reading and listening lists just because they’ve decided to have a particular view about what we “should” be listening to. I love your list! And totally agree that there is something to be gleaned from many Minister’s regardless of the particular denomination. The truth is, once the message is based in the word and consistent with your fundamental values and beliefs as a Believer, you can grow – and that’s what this game is about. Took a break from the blog world but happy to return and see your wonderful posts…love reading your blog!


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