When Your Partner Wants to Have a Baby But You Don’t: The Case of #JeannieMai and Why I Saw Her Divorce Coming

10 thoughts on “When Your Partner Wants to Have a Baby But You Don’t: The Case of #JeannieMai and Why I Saw Her Divorce Coming”

  1. This brought me to tears, jennie mai herself reffered to your blog and after reading this i am your fan this was amazing thank you for some amazing quality read

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  2. Dr Phil story you told was inaccurate. He said he over heard this lady at this conference talking about regretting only having one kid. He thought about his wife when she said that. His wife was sacrificing having only one kid for him. He felt rrreeeaaalllyyy bad and that is why he did what he did.

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      1. You are correct, @Simone. Dr. Phil overheard his wife say she regretted agreeing to only have one kid.

        Nonetheless, I think everyone “saw this coming” for Jeannie and Freddie like watching a vehicle crash in slow motion. I am heart broken for them, but I do know living in a marriage, having a different desire in your heart than your spouse’s is virtually impossible. The Bible speaks about being unequally yoked, and I really believe this is an example of that. Of not being of one mind, and one heart on such important issues. My prayers go out for them both. ❤

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  3. Simone, unfortunately, I saw this coming also, but it’s really hard. My heart goes out to Jeannie and Freddy. They both deserve what they want and do not want. I will keep them in my prayers.


  4. Thanks for this post! Personally I take not wanting kids very seriously. I would even break off relationships in high school if the person wanted kids, just in case it got serious. I love sacrifice and compromise, but not when another person’s life is involved. I generally don’t enjoy being around kids for long periods of time. the idea of having to raise one and correct their behavior sounds awful to me. For a while I considered having kids because everyone around me was/is having them so I felt like I had to. It was like this club I wasnt in. But whenever I see them doing “parent things” I quickly change my mind. I remember growing up not feeling wanted and I would never put a child through that. Not saying I couldnt change my mind, you never know. But this is something I feel God has given me confirmation on.


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