Is Masturbation a Sin?

7 thoughts on “Is Masturbation a Sin?”

  1. Simone! What a beautiful sister you are in Christ. I am also SDA, a young 68 yo lady, twice divorced and recently struggling with masturbation and crucifying myself after each time. the Lord knows I long for a good and godly man, but I’ve been alone a long time and suddenly my hormones are going crazy. You have sought out the people that I love and have listened to, like julie Slattery, kay Kuzma, Dr Dobson and others and I agree with you and all the light and insight they have brought to the table and opened up to me/for me. thank you, pray for me and i will do so for you. You are a real blessing!

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    1. Bernadette, wonderful to see your comment.
      Masturbation is something for all women of all ages and stages of life.
      I have been working on my own blog to compliment Simone’s and others.
      Good bless you Bernadette, enjoy God’s gift.

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    2. Bernadette: I took so long to respond because I didn’t know what to say. But I should let you know that your comment has made my entire week. Thank you for reminding me that my voice and my work matters, and that God will the work of placing it in front of those who need to see it. ❤


      1. Hello dear sweet Simone! What are you doing up at 2:30am?? You need that beauty rest each night.

        Just able to share now. The Lord has changed my heartl really, I cannot continue to do what i had started. Please know that I stand in judgment of No one. And I do feel for and pray for those who really believe as you do. And I know for some, it feels very right and only they really know. the Lord loves us all so much and He won’t stop loving those who need to masturbate. I’m so sad and broken afterwards, that’s how I know that Satan is trying to ruin me; he has been torturing me for months now, and I won’t let him in and break me any more. I thought to myself, what if Jesus came in the middle of my self-gratification? Couldn’t handle that. But, you will always be my sister, now and forever. And we’ll be neighbors and best friends in heaven with the Savior. My heart will never stop loving you and caring about you. I’m not saying it is a sin, I’m just saying I can’t handle it myself and still be where I want/need to be with Jesus. I don’t know who it was, but recently someone said, “It’s like prostituting Jesus.” I know how awful it sounds(again they were not my words). I pray we can still talk about lots of things and still love one another profoundly. you are in my heart and in my prayers and I am forever changed because of you!

        Much love and blessings, Simone! Bernadette


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  2. Hi Honey! Yes, I was weak a day or 2 ago, but I just keep running to Jesus who will purge me of this, because I know I cannot continue. I think of you often and so happy you called on me. Let’s keep praying for one another. You are right — it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit that begs me to hear and go the way Jesus is telling me to go.
    Be well, Simone and don’t stop talking to me! love you, Bern 🙂


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