When Your Pastor Kills Himself

4 thoughts on “When Your Pastor Kills Himself”

  1. Simone, my heart goes out to Pastor Andrew and his family. Depression is a lonely, exhausting and sometimes debilitating disorder. Its causes, symptoms and severity are varied, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treating it. I agree, the church needs to be more sensitive, not just to the symptoms of depression but also concerning the expectations for ministry it upholds for its congregants and leaders. Two of the key things I’ve learned while coping with this disorder: (1) Know your triggers, address them and (2) God’s grace is sufficient. He, more than anyone, intimately knows this thing we wrestle with and extends His grace for as long as we need it.


  2. Thanks for writing of the matter Simone.

    This post resonated deeply within me. And this case saddens me profoundly.

    This depression thing really is a plague. Truth is in my case that even though I’m certain Christ *can* be sufficient, I had absolutely no desire or motivation to go to Him when I battled depression earlier this year. This is how insidious depression is. I was still going to church and all, but I was spiritually dead. Well to be honest, I didn’t have motivation for anything really.

    I know each battle is different, but I myself overcame depression with the depression recovery program (Dr. Nedley) and with the prayers of my wife as well that surely humbled my heart to allow me to accept/decide going.

    While I was slowly recovering during summer, I experienced a spiritual rebirth as well, and desire for spiritual things came back 10 times as strong than before depression.

    I hope anyone reading this can get a little bit of encouragement. There is a way out.

    Reading this article, I wish anyone starts taking care of their mental health. I truly neglected that in the past. We are all vulnerable.

    For the christian reading I will underline the importance of not thinking Bible knowledge is the same as a personal relationship with our creator.

    If you are battling depression, seek help. If you are not, equip yourself with tools that will help you maintain a good mental health, or even make better. Mental health surely needs to be cared for as much as our physical one.

    Hey thanks again for speaking of the matter Simone! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment Chani! I’m glad that you’ve been able to find healing. Hopefully people will read your comment and heed your appeal — help is available.


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