“Obese” is a bad word—it’s got to go

FIT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE (Hi folks– sorry for the late Weekends with Womack post; technical difficulties down under.  Thanks for your patience.  Now to the post…) We use a lot of words to describe large (or large-ish) bodies: For instance: fat, plump, hefty, bulky, rotund, pudgy, chunky, portly, heavyset, stout—I found 46 synonyms here. … Continue reading “Obese” is a bad word—it’s got to go

On Quiet Allyship

I received the following question in my DM: “[…] I personally don’t post much on social media, and I don’t like publicly sharing my opinions or thoughts. […] I was wondering how I can be an ally without sharing or posting stuff online. What else could I do, in your opinion?” I don’t consider myself … Continue reading On Quiet Allyship