Sex, Supper, Submission – The Junia Project

On using a few texts out of context in order to oppress women: “The teacher walked into the room, strode up to the whiteboard, and wrote the following list: SEX. SUPPER. SUBMISSION. She then said, “Ladies, these three S’s are the best way to remember your role in marriage.” I could feel Amy stiffen in … Continue reading Sex, Supper, Submission – The Junia Project

A Truce With My Tummy

Inspired by SweetLeighSewn’s blog post entitled “A Love Letter to My Belly,” I decided to write this piece entitled “A Truce with My Tummy.”  In retrospect, it really can be extended to be a love letter to my body.  Seeing these words written down gives added impetus to live it out every day.  If loving your body has become more difficult for you lately, I encourage you to try this exercise and see how it makes you feel.

We owe it to ourselves to love ourselves and practice that self-love in sometimes radical ways.

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