Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?

7 thoughts on “Why Does Everything Have To Be So Hard?”

  1. I’m here with you. You are a beautiful writer. It takes strength to admit when life is hard. And, so I praise you. Keep kicking. The daylight will bleed through. This, I promise you.


  2. Hi Simone! I love both your writing and your admission. Though you’ve prayed and think you’re tired of seeking help from Jesus, I would suggest (please don’t get offended) you seek it even more, while you continue fighting your way (you’re a Seventh-Day Adventist. Right? So, you have the faith). Believe me, my life, too, has grown into turmoil (facing health problems too). Yet, I do hope the Day Will Dawn.


  3. I’ve had a severly underactive thyroid gland since I was 15 and it’s often wreaked havoc on my system. I am thankful that it’s manageable with synthroid but have dealt with feelings of depression because of thinning hair through my 30s and 40s. Aside from this, I’m a huge believer in angels. My angel is my grandfather….he is the job angel in the family. Whenever I’m on the verge of needing or wanting to make a career move, he’s somehow made things happen. It also takes just one person to believe in you and to turn you into the career goddess you deserve to be. I would hope that you have an angel who’s going to step in soon to help you out.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m still looking for my angel. lol. I’d like to think though that there are things happening behind the scenes. 🙂


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