The Author of “I’m a Single Christian Woman and I Like Sex” Responded to My Response. Here’s What She Said…

8 thoughts on “The Author of “I’m a Single Christian Woman and I Like Sex” Responded to My Response. Here’s What She Said…”

  1. …and do not EVER write a 3,902 word response to someone ever again. They may not be this nice. LOLOL

    Yikes, all I can say is – vacuous. Vacuous screams from her words and tweets in response to your blog post. Candice Benbow wrote quite a bit in response to you, and none of it indicates calm, collected, rational, intelligent, considered, or open. A real disappointment, but alas, the world knows her for better now.

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  2. well, everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. The moment she decided to go public with her piece, it goes without saying that she is subject to any kids of reaction. All of us who write in public should be welcoming of all sorts of reaction.

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  3. you are wrong!

    She has the right to respond to you.

    you had some points too.

    BUt sad that both of you couldn’t even apply a simple WHAT WOULD JESUS DO mode.

    I can imagine satan siutting and giggling in one corner! Sad!


      1. Agreed…cant be kumbaya all day all year..but still.. WWJD?

        How would an UNBELIEVER be influenced/encouraged/shown Jesus with your banters.
        You had time to pen 3000+ words earlier, Candace had time to tweet with references etc…and you gave a response again [dunno how many words now] to ‘have the last word’….

        All for WHAT? Pride? Arrogance? From both of you that are supposed to be role models??

        I never heard of either of you, but in seeking readings about Living Holy in a Sex sales’ world, I saw your page, then saw you responded to Candace and her tweets…

        Usually, I would walk away and forget I ever saw your catfight. ……but I wonder, what if , say, a 17 year old girl with so much peer pressure and an equally over-horny boyfriend is at the point of giving in to sex ‘just to please him’ just read your banter, with Jesus Christ ‘conveniently ‘thrown aside by both of you….. The Kingdom of Hell would be having a party right now, as I am sure the kid will say same thing most atheist hide behind to blaspheme on God Almighty viz “If what you guys do is what Christianity is about, I’LL PASS-!

        YOU and Candace just oozed Pride…Arrogance. .. Self-Peception of ‘know-it-all’ ….. and ABSOLUTELY NO HUMILITY !! And to think you both are supposed to be coming from the Angle of Jesus???

        Now, 2 intelligent women obviously I would have loved to follow just left a bad taste in my mouth.


      2. You’re welcome not to follow me (even though, oddly enough, it seems that you have ultimately decided to follow this blog). I actually don’t encourage people to follow me. Follow Christ. Not me. It is appropriate to respond to tweets that pertain to me. It goes beyond having the last word. I don’t know for certain what Jesus would have done, but for my part, I did try to respond to her blog with kindness and I apologized to Candace for any inadvertent offence. I made a concerted attempt not to come off as condescending in my original post and I have *never* purported to know it all. It was Candace who was not open to discussion. I don’t think I have all the answers. I’m not trying to be a role model. Never have. Follow Christ. Not me.


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