A List of Charles Wesley Knight Sermons

19 thoughts on “A List of Charles Wesley Knight Sermons”

    1. Thank you very much for this site. I’ve only just discovered him. I love his earlier sermons. I love the sermons where one doesn’t need dramatic music in the background or screaming to get the message across.lol. (I have sensitive nerves) Great preacher.

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  1. as i was touring the net to see sermons i came across this man who is truelly inspired of God and he has made me know the true and real adventist light,,,, God bless his people

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  2. thank you simone for this websit you have done your part of spreeding the word of GOD be blessed,and i real blessed , but continue to post other semons at the time you find them

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  3. Thank you Simon God bless you we are blessed by his unique sermons not at heard before please post latest sermon so that we will be blessed.


  4. I have also listened to his sermon. The man is really gifted in his unique preaching styles. He inspires me a lot. He is really used by the Holy Spirit. I love his preaching.


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